It’s Ticket Time

It’s Ticket Time

Creating tickets for your event doesn’t have to be bland and boring. While some people opt for the standard template design, adding a personalized touch can make a big difference and make your event seem that much more exciting to attend.

Some of the tickets I’ve created over the last few months include a St. Patty’s Day themed Buck and Doe ticket, as well as a ticket design for a charitable event; The Little Black Dress Party here in Stratford, Ontario.

The St. Patty’s Day Buck and Doe ticket was fun to create because:
1) I got to use shamrock and green beer graphics, which I don’t get to do every day!
2) I had a lot of fun using bold punches of colour in various shades of green, and
3) The design was for my beloved brother and sister-in-law which makes it extra special

I created a vertical design to better suit the amount of information we had to include, and to make it a little different. I used all vector graphics for clean lines and easy readability, and naturally made the green beer the focal point of the design considering the type of event it is!

The Little Black Dress Party is an annual event in which I happily volunteer my services for free since this is a charitable event. It’s organized and sponsored by Pin Up Hair Studios and all proceeds go to the Canadian Mental Health Association. It’s an all female event where ladies are encouraged to wear their favourite little black dress, enjoy a few cocktails and dance the night away! There are also several guest speakers every year who talk about topics ranging from mental health to overcoming difficult life obstacles. It’s always a popular event with tickets running out before they can even be promoted!

For the design I wanted to keep it classic with a touch of elegance. I used a horizontal black and white stripe background with a vintage badge placed on top. I kept the Typography decorative yet readable with minimal graphics to help readers concentrate on the important information.

Both of these designs are very different from one another but effectively represent the type of event they’re designed for. If you’re looking to have your event ticket personalized, you know who to come to!

Thanks for reading,

~ Manda Mac

What to get the man who has everything

Social media infographic flyer

What to get the man who has everything

My husband’s birthday was a week ago, and he famously buys himself presents he wants RIGHT before his birthday. He also makes it a habit to spoil me so badly on my birthday that I can’t possibly return the favour (eg. taking me to Boston this year for my birthday). Since I didn’t have the resources to make any of our travelling dreams come true this month, I figured I’d put whatever skill sets I had to work and draw his childhood dream come true; I made Rory a Ghostbuster 🙂

We all have that one movie that completely encapsulates our childhood, and that movie was Ghostbusters for Rory. So what could be cooler than seeing yourself become your childhood idols? (Hopefully) nothing!

Using my tablet and Adobe Illustrator, I sketched out Rory using “marker-like” brush strokes and filled it in using a watercolour technique. I’ve used this technique before and mention it during an older post you can find here.

While Rory may not always be the most expressive man, I definitely got a big ol’ smile and chuckle when he opened it. Happy birthday my love!

Anyone looking for a custom portrait, you know who to come to! Christmas season is almost upon us (sorry for even bringing it up!) but it’s a fun, unique gift idea. Send me a message here on my website or email me at if interested.

Thanks for reading!

~ Manda Mac


Custom Invitations: BBQ Edition

stu60thinviteCustom Invites: BBQ Edition!

A large chunk of my projects involve creating invitation designs, but this was my first time creating an invitation for a male client having a backyard BBQ. Instead of pulling out my floral and feminine graphics I got to create something a little more masculine for meat lovers!

The invitation was for my father-in-law’s 60th birthday party. Papa Stu is a much-loved man and so my mother-in-law worked her butt off to throw one helluva birthday bash!

I used cool greys and red as an accent colour, and stuck to fonts with that “grungy” or “cowboy” feel. Add a few fun BBQ graphics and we have ourselves an invitation fit for a BBQ king.

I’m slowly collecting and working on the different invitation designs I’ve created over the years, and am planning to sell them online. When I create custom designs, more time is generally put into the project making the overall cost much higher. These pre-made designs are going to be for the budget-friendly client, giving them an opportunity to purchase a high-quality design at a much lower cost. My goal is to have an online shop up in the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned for more details!

Thanks for reading!

~ Manda Mac

It’s Derby Time, Ladies!

Social media infographic flyer

It’s Derby Time, Ladies!

It’s that time of year again where I get asked to make an event poster for Tri-City Roller Derby. This is my second time making a poster for them and needless to say, it’s my new favourite project to do.

This time around, the poster is for their main event: the championship games. Killer Queens are playing Violet Uprising for 3rd place, while Venus Fly Tramps are up against Vicious Dishes for 1st and 2nd place.

I wanted the poster to have a rough, grungy feel while using clean and structured typography. Add some bad-ass, derby babes for the focal point and a dash of pink and we have ourselves a bitchin’ poster.

I used the same design and adapted it to create a Facebook cover ad as well.


Photography was supplied by Joe Mac. Check out his Facebook page for more Derby photos.

Good luck to all the ladies playing, and thanks for letting me create another piece for you!

~ Manda Mac