Client Projects

Restaurant Menu Design

I’ve always wanted to do menu design so when I was asked by the St. Mary’s restaurant, Harris Electric, I immediately said yes. Menu design needs to be clean for easy readability with subtle elements of design for visual interest. For Harris Electric, they wanted their menus to be simple & classic and kept in line with their retro/eclectic vibe already captured by their logo.

The real challenge here was creating designs that they could edit on a regular basis. They constantly update their menu, so I needed to give them a design where the content could be changed and not interfere with the overall layout. Designs were needed for a printed daily menu, drinks menu and a projected menu on the wall featuring rotating specials. After some trial and error we reached the final result for all 3!


Check out Harris Electric on Queen St. in St. Mary’s for some seriously delicious, inventive food. Nearly EVERYTHING made in house. You won’t be disappointed!

And if your restaurant is looking to update it’s branding or menu design, contact me to get started.

Thanks for reading!

~ Manda Mac

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