New Look, Who Dis?



It’s been a very busy few years here at Manda Mac Designs. Over the last 2 years I’ve taken on other business opportunities and on August 24th, 2017 gave birth to my son, Logan. I’ve had my hands full with my now almost 2-year old, but I’ve been feeling inspired to finally redesign my long-neglected brand identity. When you spend so much time creating for others, it can be hard to find the time/energy to create for yourself (I’m finding similar feelings in motherhood as well!).

I have been the hardest client I have ever had to deal with…but after months of toying with hundreds of ideas, I finally felt I had captured my “look”. I wanted it to be the perfect blend of classic and modern with minimalist undertones. I wanted it to capture a level of sophistication that would comfort clients knowing they’ve come to the right designer. And dare I say it, I think I’m finally happy with it.

I used a classic black and white colour scheme and incorporated both vintage and modern fonts. To add visual interest I wanted to use texture such as black linen paper and marble on my website, and raised gloss on my business cards. I wanted a level of elegance applied to a very simple design concept. I’m very much a “less is more” kind of designer. I feel it has finally come together and I’m proud to launch my new brand.

Manda Mac Designs may have a new look, but I promise to continue to deliver the same quality of creative work and professional services my clients know to expect from me. On to the next project!

~ Manda Mac