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What to get the man who has everything

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What to get the man who has everything

My husband’s birthday was a week ago, and he famously buys himself presents he wants RIGHT before his birthday. He also makes it a habit to spoil me so badly on my birthday that I can’t possibly return the favour (eg. taking me to Boston this year for my birthday). Since I didn’t have the resources to make any of our travelling dreams come true this month, I figured I’d put whatever skill sets I had to work and draw his childhood dream come true; I made Rory a Ghostbuster 🙂

We all have that one movie that completely encapsulates our childhood, and that movie was Ghostbusters for Rory. So what could be cooler than seeing yourself become your childhood idols? (Hopefully) nothing!

Using my tablet and Adobe Illustrator, I sketched out Rory using “marker-like” brush strokes and filled it in using a watercolour technique. I’ve used this technique before and mention it during an older post you can find here.

While Rory may not always be the most expressive man, I definitely got a big ol’ smile and chuckle when he opened it. Happy birthday my love!

Anyone looking for a custom portrait, you know who to come to! Christmas season is almost upon us (sorry for even bringing it up!) but it’s a fun, unique gift idea. Send me a message here on my website or email me at if interested.

Thanks for reading!

~ Manda Mac


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