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Roller Derby Dames

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Roller Derby Dames

In terms of favourite clients to work for, I’m noticing a pattern of me being attracted to strong women…enter my next client: Tri-City Roller Derby.

Tri-City Roller Derby is a registered non-profit, all-women’s flat-track derby league. They’re based out of Waterloo, Ontario but face teams all across Canada and the U.S.

This league of women will be the first to tell you: this ain’t your momma’s derby. All the hits, blocks and spills you see on the track are real and un-staged. This isn’t just a show, but a hardcore sport.

They’ve asked me to create monthly event posters to advertise their games and events. These events survive off sponsors and ticket purchases, and in the case of this weekend’s event, a portion of all proceeds will go to Waterloo region Women’s Crisis Services.

So I get to create artwork for a group of strong, athletic women and also help support a cause that aids even stronger women seeking help?

I think it’s safe to say, I love my job.

Check out these ladies at


Chicks Rule 🙂

Thanks for reading, guys!

~ Manda Mac


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