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Digital Drawing: Cartoon Creations

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Digital Artwork Flat Cartoon Design

Digital Drawing:
Cartoon Creations

It’s ‘Toon Time! Who doesn’t want a cartoon version of themselves? These digital drawings are projects I really enjoy doing. I’ve always loved to draw; and learning how to apply that skill set to the digital world has been challenging and fun. A few months ago, some dear friends of mine made a request to get a digital family portrait created.

I used Adobe Illustrator to create this project, and used reference photos (shown above) to make sure my vector drawings resembled each person (and puppy!). The inspiration for this type of portrait was a flat, vector style which is a style I LOVE.

These type of digital drawings are fun to create, and fun for my clients to receive. I love the reactions I get when showing them their “cartoon selves”. They also make for great personalized gifts.

To see other styles of digital drawings I’ve done, check out an older blog post of mine from last year here.

If you’d love to have a digital drawing created, ya’ll know who to come to!

Love and lollipops,

~Manda Mac

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