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Baby’s First Blog, Baby’s First Client

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Baby’s First Blog, Baby’s First Client

Hello and welcome to my very first blog post! I’m incredibly excited to finally be launching this blog to keep my friends and clients up-to-date with Manda Mac Designs. It’s been a crazy few months since stepping out on my own as a freelance graphic designer and it’s hard to know where to even begin! The first major client-contract I landed was a company called SceneDoc; they’re located in Mississauga and create software platforms for Public Safety (apps that can help a police officer document a crime scene). They’re an incredibly fun, ambitious and exciting group to work with and I thoroughly enjoy creating marketing material for them. Some projects I’ve created for them over the last few months range from trade booth graphics, to magazine ads, to infographic slideshares. It’s refreshing being able to work on various mediums for one corporation, they’re not afraid to get their name out there in any way, shape or form!

Here’s a few examples of the projects I’ve designed for them so far:

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