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Custom Invitations: BBQ Edition

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stu60thinviteCustom Invites: BBQ Edition!

A large chunk of my projects involve creating invitation designs, but this was my first time creating an invitation for a male client having a backyard BBQ. Instead of pulling out my floral and feminine graphics I got to create something a little more masculine for meat lovers!

The invitation was for my father-in-law’s 60th birthday party. Papa Stu is a much-loved man and so my mother-in-law worked her butt off to throw one helluva birthday bash!

I used cool greys and red as an accent colour, and stuck to fonts with that “grungy” or “cowboy” feel. Add a few fun BBQ graphics and we have ourselves an invitation fit for a BBQ king.

I’m slowly collecting and working on the different invitation designs I’ve created over the years, and am planning to sell them online. When I create custom designs, more time is generally put into the project making the overall cost much higher. These pre-made designs are going to be for the budget-friendly client, giving them an opportunity to purchase a high-quality design at a much lower cost. My goal is to have an online shop up in the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned for more details!

Thanks for reading!

~ Manda Mac

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Creating Rustic Wedding Stationary

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Rustic Wedding Stationary

I had the pleasure of creating several pieces of stationary for the wedding of Holly and Tyler Graham that took place earlier this month. This bride knew exactly what she wanted, and lucky for me, she has great taste. It was a lot of fun working together and it always feels great to help a client’s vision come to life.

The design through out all of her stationary pieces was consistent: rustic and simple, letting the fun font choices be the main focal-point of the design. The pieces I created for Holly included the wedding invitation, program, menu and monogram.

I created a vector line-map of the ceremony and reception locations for the back of the Wedding Invitation, as well as a few vine graphics to use through out all of her pieces.

The pieces were printed on a rustic, cardboard stock and the wedding invitations had rounded corners. They printed beautifully and I was thrilled to see another happy client.

Thanks for choosing me to help bring your ideas to life, Holly!

For anyone interested in having a custom made invitation or other stationary piece, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for reading!

~ Manda Mac


Client Projects

Print Design Passion – And They Say Print is Dead?!

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Print Design Passion –
And They Say Print is Dead?!

Since the world around us gets more digital by the day, I can’t help but get excited when designing a project for Print. There’s something rewarding about creating something tangible. While web design is incredibly fun, I do enjoy seeing my designs coming fresh off a press. Certain print projects don’t seem to go away either; even though we have the ability to send e-mails, eCards and ebooklets we as humans still enjoy sending out real invitations. We still enjoy getting something physical to hold in our hands to read and to touch.

I love creating unique designs for wedding invitations, baby showers, themed parties, booklets…you name it! So much so that I’m thinking of opening an etsy shop to sell some of my designs that can be personalized to each client. Stay tuned for more Etsy details, but in the meantime: if you’re looking for a unique, personalized design for your next event then you know who to come to!