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Booklet Basics

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Booklet Basics

Hello strangers!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my site with new projects so I thought I’d get back into the habit of posting. One of my favourite projects from the last year was a booklet I designed for Nested Birth & Essentials (offering Doula services and essential oils). It was a 5″ x 7″, 30-page informational booklet that included safety tips, recipes, guidelines and general information about essential oils.

It was really fun getting to create the colour scheme for this type of business. I wanted to use warm, inviting colours but still wanted it to look fun and colourful. I also incorporated some elements in gold (which is very trendy right now) and it added a fun punch of colour and shine. I tried to keep the layout very image-heavy when possible so that customers weren’t overwhelmed with text on every page.

Overall it was a ton of fun to create and I love getting asked to do booklet designs. If you have a business that could benefit from this type of marketing piece send me an e-mail at

Thanks for reading!

~ Manda Mac

Client Projects

Print Design Passion – And They Say Print is Dead?!

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Print Design Passion –
And They Say Print is Dead?!

Since the world around us gets more digital by the day, I can’t help but get excited when designing a project for Print. There’s something rewarding about creating something tangible. While web design is incredibly fun, I do enjoy seeing my designs coming fresh off a press. Certain print projects don’t seem to go away either; even though we have the ability to send e-mails, eCards and ebooklets we as humans still enjoy sending out real invitations. We still enjoy getting something physical to hold in our hands to read and to touch.

I love creating unique designs for wedding invitations, baby showers, themed parties, booklets…you name it! So much so that I’m thinking of opening an etsy shop to sell some of my designs that can be personalized to each client. Stay tuned for more Etsy details, but in the meantime: if you’re looking for a unique, personalized design for your next event then you know who to come to!


Brand Me!

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Brand Me!


Starting your own business and want to look professional? I can help! Creating your own brand identity is incredibly important to show your customers that you are to be taken seriously. I specialize in creating branding packages that incorporate a consistent design through out all of your marketing pieces. Your brand should reflect your company by using specific colours, fonts and layout that evoke the type of feelings you want to be associated with.

The first graphic that customers associate with your company is your logo. A logo should be a unique identifier for your corporation: simple, yet symbolic. It also sets the tone for the rest of your brand. The colours and font(s) used in your logo should be used consistently across all marketing pieces, this helps customers get familiar with your “look”. Everything your company sends out should adhere to your brand guidelines.

Your brand identity is how you get to represent your company to your customers. It’s a reflection of what you do, and what your company stands for: it’s the most crucial piece of communication. There can be a lot to think about when creating your look, so I highly recommend letting a professional designer help you. If you don’t know where to start, contact me now! Manda Mac Designs will help make you look gooooood!

Client Projects

Dressed up in Manda Mac

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Dressed Up in Manda Mac

Hey friends, do you have a great idea for a custom t-shirt? Need a team logo for your jerseys? I can help and make your idea wearable! I love getting asked to make custom graphics that my clients can put on shirts, sweaters, pants…you name it! Perhaps your band needs some new t-shirt designs, or maybe you have a stellar, custom gift idea for your friends. The possibilities are endless! If you’re looking for a unique addition to your wardrobe, contact me now to discuss your ideas!

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Digital Love for Digital Portraits


Digital Love
for Digital Portraits

As a graphic designer, I knew I should be putting my skills to work when creating gifts for my 4 beautiful bridesmaids…but what to do? I thought it would be fun to create caricatures of them, I mean, who doesn’t want a cartoon version of themselves?! I then stumbled upon an old tutorial on Design Instruct that taught me some really cool techniques for creating digital portraits, it made the portraits take on more of a tactile feel like it was painted with watercolour and marker. I used Adobe Illustrator and my tablet and pen, and started sketching. While they were time consuming projects (I may be a slight perfectionist) the end results were even better than I had hoped. It was really fun trying to “capture” my lovely ladies, making sure I got that sparkle in their eye or that certain curl of their lip. I’ve already received a few requests to make more of these portraits so I thought I’d post and let all ya’ll know that this will be a service I can offer my clients. Let’s get digital!

For any fellow designers or artists that are interested in learning how to create these digital portraits, take a look at Miguel Cardona’s tutorial on Design Instruct: Make Watercolor and Marker Style Portraits with Illustrator

Connect with me through my website, my facebook page or email me at to inquire about getting a portrait done!